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Work Order Form:

Please fill out the work order form below for each individual Group, Event, Job, Location and so on to the best of your ability. Thank you.

Contact Name*


Email Address*

Company Name*

Phone Number*

Group Name or Event Name

Name and Phone Number of Contact Person at Site:*

Site Name, Address, and Phone number of Job Location*

How Many Day/Days or Night/Nights of Services?*

Type of Services*

Dress Attire*

How many Agent (s) Per Day/Night/Shift*

Job Start Date*

Job End Date*

Sunday Start Time to End Time

Monday Start Time to End Time

Tuesday Start Time to End Time

Wednesday Start Time to End Time

Thursday Start Time to End Time

Friday Start Time to End Time

Saturday Start Time to End Time

Please specify any other direction or information

Thank you for allowing us to provide security services for you and your company. If there are any questions, concerns or objections, a GPA representative will contact you.

Please read instruction below before completing this form, and use the instruction as a guide to properly complete this form.

Instructions and examples on how to fill out work order form.

(1) Put your company information in the first five slots.

(2) Group or event name, example: Williams Middle School

(3) Fill in the name and number of the person the Security Agent should contact at the site. Put N/A if you do not have that info yet.

(4) Fill in the information, which is self-explanatory.

(5) Make sure you complete the day/time information in each respective slot. For example: 

Sunday start time to end time:

In the slot it should be:

10 PM to 5 AM.

You should not put the start time in one day slot and put the end time in another day slot. The whole start time and end time must be in one slot, like example above.

We already know the time runs over in the next day, if it is an overnight shift.

(6) Six (6) hours are the minimum per shift per agent.

(7) A confirmation email will be send to the email provided to confirm the shift or shifts and any other questions.

(8) If this is a non-USA company, we only do prepay PayPal payment or check. All payments are in USA Dollars. No exceptions!

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