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Security Guard Services Burlington. MA.

  • Security guard for Boston
    Guard on Patrol
  • Housing security guard
  • Loss prevention security
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Security guard for Boston
Guard on Patrol

Vehicle Property Checks:
     Vehicle Property Checks (VPC) is one of our best programs for companies and organizations to have security on property at a reasonable cost. This program is cost effective, but is very effective. To find out more about this program that Gat Protective Agency offers, please contact us. All VPC patrols are unarmed or armed agents.

  *Banks Detail 
  *Car Dealerships
   *Alarm Response (Armed Only)
  *Armed Security
  *Office Buildings
  *Shopping Malls
  *Construction Sites  
  *Parking Lots
  *Domestic Violence Details
  *Housing Patrols
  *Shopping Plaza Patrols
  *Temporary Restraining Order
  *Sporting Events
  *Car Rentals
  *Hotel/Field Trips Monitoring
  *Medical Facilities
  *Fire Watch
   *Executive Protection/Bodyguard
  *Loss Prevention/Retail
  *Special Events
  *Unarmed Security
    *Gated Community

     The above services that Gat Protective Agency provides  include Unarmed and Armed agents.

     Agents are multitask and can do assignments from Assigned Post, Foot Patrols, and Vehicle Patrols on any giving day or night. 

     If there are other services that are not listed, please contact us for more information and or a free consultation. 
Security Guard Servise of Boston, MA

The executive protection team specializes in protecting celebrities, entertainers, business people, and pretty much anyone who needs protection while in the state. Providing armed escort services with either vehicle provided by our office or vehicle provided by the clients.

Event security guards
Security guard of Boston

The loss prevention team specializes in protecting the properties and assets of retail stores. You can request uniform or undercover agents to protect your stores. We are the elite in undercover or uniform agents in loss prevention. Are your retail stores need the right loss prevention protection? We can come in for  a week, month, months or even years and prevent the loss of Thousand of dollars in merchandise from your store or stores. We know shoplifters and dishonest employees. Over 20 years experience in this profession.


     24/7 response to emergencies for a day or night, several days or nights for constructions, door or gate problems or any other retail store problems in Metro Boston and surrounding cities within the State of Massachusetts.